Order a Free Copy of The Qur’an

Here are a few things to remember in regards to the Qur’an that you will be receiving shortly:

  • Please note that we ONLY supply a copy totally free of charge to non-Muslims anywhere in the UK and USA subject to stock availability.
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  • Please handle this translated copy of the Noble Qur’an respectfully and if you wish to dispose of your copy, do not throw it away, just forward it to someone else, or contact us.
  • Any queries with your order or if you have any questions about Islam, please message us 

Important Note: We provide Free English Qur’ans including free postage ONLY to Non-Muslims

Muslims can download a free digital copy of the Qur’an or buy one for themselves for just £10 or for a non-Muslim friend for just £5.

This Is The Book About Which There Is No Doubt, A Guidance For Those Conscious of Allah
(Al-Qur’an – 2:2)